Is It Good Or Not Taking Kianpi Medicine?

Illustration of Is It Good Or Not Taking Kianpi Medicine?
Illustration: Is It Good Or Not Taking Kianpi Medicine?

Goodnight Doc … Doc I want to ask .. It’s been a while since my husband took the Kiyanpi drug which looks like a capsule like that Doc, I also don’t know what the benefits are for, and what are the side effects … Is it good to take the medicine for health? Or dangerous and must be stopped Doc? Please explain Doc, thank you …

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Kianpi is a type of body-fattening drug which is made from traditional herbal ingredients, where this pill can increase appetite, optimize digestive work, and maximize absorption of nutrients in the body. This medicine contains several traditional plants, namely Angelica sinesis, ginseng root panax and Morinda officinialis.

Angelica Sinesis is a plant that is still a family with ginseng which is often used for the treatment of several diseases, such as: premature ejaculation, PMS, constipation and joint pain. Angelica sinesis has a high estrogen content in which this hormone is in a woman's body, and if consumed too much it can affect the body's hormones. While Morinda officinalis is a plant that is a family with mulberries that are used to repair and strengthen joint bones to overcome infertility in women and improve menstrual problems. While panax ginseng is a red ginseng that is used for energy booster.

According to research, there is a danger of consuming these drugs. Which in the study stated that the drug contains dexamethasone including corticosteroid drugs, drugs used for anti-inflammation and cyproheptadine are anti-allergic drugs.

Using corticosteroids in the long run can interfere with the body's ability to fight infection and can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. In some people it will cause a round and round face due to accumulation of fat, breast enlargement in men. In Indonesia, this drug has been banned, because it increases levels of estrogen in the body. In 2015 this drug was banned and included other appetite enhancing drugs. Therefore it is better for your husband to stop the drug, because it is dangerous for the body.

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