Is It Mandatory For Heart Surgery To Be Present?

Illustration of Is It Mandatory For Heart Surgery To Be Present?
Illustration: Is It Mandatory For Heart Surgery To Be Present?

good afternoon, doc. I want to ask, I have a friend who has a congenital heart defect. he had vomited blood 3 times in the past 2 days. Is it mandatory for surgery, doc?

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Hi Revi,

Thank you for the question.

Congenital heart disease (CHD) there are many types, some are mild, but some are severe. Not infrequently, CHD can carry over into adulthood, especially if no adequate handling is done on it. As a result, this PJB can make a patient's activities become limited, due to abnormal heart rhythm, shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling of the body, and even bluish appearance around the lips, skin, and nail tips due to lack of oxygen.

Some types of CHD can increase the risk of sufferers having varicose formation in the esophagus, which is due to venous thrombosis in the spleen or also due to abnormalities in the right pulmonary artery. These esophageal varices are prone to rupture, and if this happens, blood vomiting can occur. Not only because of his CHD, vomiting of blood that your colleague experienced may also be caused by other factors, for example gastric ulcer, malignancy around the digestive tract, liver disorders, bleeding disorders (for example due to vitamin K deficiency, hemophilia, leukemia), injuries in around the abdominal cavity, gastroenteritis, malabsorption or food poisoning, and so on.

If it is true that this blood vomiting has been repeated many times, this condition is clearly not permitted. Immediately urge your colleague to check his condition directly to the doctor or internist. Through a comprehensive evaluation, involving physical examination, ultrasound, endoscopy, blood tests, heart records, echocardiography, angigraphy, and so on, often doctors are able to determine what the appropriate management is, whether it needs surgery, or also need other therapeutic modalities. It could be, later your colleague will be directed to see a cardiologist or surgeon. Before going to the doctor, don't give him any medicine or treatment yet ..

I hope this helps.

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