Is It Necessary To Give Hypertension Medication To Tetanus Patients?

Illustration of Is It Necessary To Give Hypertension Medication To Tetanus Patients?
Illustration: Is It Necessary To Give Hypertension Medication To Tetanus Patients?

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Tetanus ataulockjaw is one of the serious diseases caused by harmful bacteria. The bacterium is named Clostridium tetani. This bacterial infection can cause damage to the nervous system. Germs or tetanus bacteria enter the body through wounds on the skin, and will release toxins to attack the nerves. This bacterium is called Clostridium tetani, which is found mostly in soil, dust, or animal feces. Tetan often enters the body through open wounds caused by injuries or burns. If it successfully enters the body, the tetanus bacteria multiply and release neurotoxins, which are poisons that attack the nervous system.

neurotoxins that disrupt nerve performance can cause people with muscle spasms and stiffness which is the main symptom of tetanus. These symptoms can cause the sufferer to close tightly and cannot be opened or commonly referred to as the lock jaw. In addition, someone who has tetatus infection can also experience swallowing disorders.

if hypertension and hypotension are not one of the clinical symptoms that are caused by tetanus, this is something outside of the symptoms of tetanus, so tetanus does not cause symptoms of blood pressure disorders, although experiencing blood pressure disorders may be caused by most blood loss due to injuries that may be possible but it is very rarely even experienced steps.

so the possibility of hypertension and hypotension occurs because people with tetanus do have a history of hypertension or hypotension, or are caused by fear of anxiety so that it upsets their tension, so my advice is to ensure that tension disorders are caused by having hypertension or only temporary disruption due to shock injuries that occur at him. if you do have hypertension riwaya it must be given a blood-lowering drug, usually people have hypertension riwaya and diligent control he already has a stock of the drug, while hypotension according to the underlying cause. and if indeed they do not have a history of blood pressure disorders, it is better to do a gradual repetition of blood pressure checks at least 3 times if the results remain the same indeed they have disturbances in their tensities, do not give drugs directly try to evaluate first such as resting if a few minutes ago then check the weight indeed the problem is tension then the handler can be given while the tetanus handler.

for hypertension treatment I should consult directly by the treating doctor because so many classes of hypertension drugs are aided by their size measurements and other clinical conditions. whereas for hypotension, a doctor must be examined directly by the number of figures and the underlying cause because the treatment is different for each number and the clinic and the cause.

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