Is It Normal To Be Alone And Avoid?

Illustration of Is It Normal To Be Alone And Avoid?
Illustration: Is It Normal To Be Alone And Avoid?

, I often feel like I don’t want to meet certain people without a clear reason, I don’t want to meet until I feel like I really want to avoid, and sometimes shut myself in my room to avoid, several times I don’t want to meet my close friends even though we are not there any problem on the previous day, feelings like this can last up to 2-3 weeks and change people, I also have relationships with men several times but at certain times I really don’t want to meet for no apparent reason, until I avoid days, and cause I can not long a relationship with the opposite sex, how do I include my behavior including unnatural psychiatric?

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Hello Velov20, Thank you for the question.

It is normal for every human being if he has a desire to be alone for a while and does not want to socialize at that time because each human being is an individual creature. However, if you are more likely to be alone and disrupt your social interactions with other people or you feel that social relations are bothering you, you may be experiencing certain medical conditions such as:

introverted personality
schizoid personality disorder
Schizotypal personality disorder
avoidance personality disorder

If this condition is very disturbing, you should consult further with a psychiatrist / psychiatrist. The doctor needs to do further questions and answers to understand whether your condition is normal or is classified as a specific disorder. If it is caused by a certain medical condition, the doctor will provide further treatment which can be in the form of psychological therapy or medication.

You can also do the following suggestions:

follow activities that involve many people that you like, for example, related to your hobby
try to find the basic cause of this condition
try to convey what you feel or think to your closest friends, including when you want to distance yourself
exercise regularly
get enough rest
Hopefully this information is useful.

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