Is It Normal To Masturbate Wearing A Woman’s Uniform?

Illustration of Is It Normal To Masturbate Wearing A Woman’s Uniform?
Illustration: Is It Normal To Masturbate Wearing A Woman’s Uniform?

Good evening, my name is refi male and I am 23 years old, so here I want to ask you about my habits if masturbation always wears a uniform, for some reason if I see uniforms (especially girls’ school uniforms) I am immediately aroused and masturbate in uniform that, my salary money was used up to buy the uniforms in order to satisfy me, and more disturbing, if I did not have money I took the uniform from the clothesline and this really bothered me, this habit I did when I was in vocational school when I kissed my former sports uniform by my girlfriend, and it continues to this day, is there a way to overcome this? Thank you

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Hello Refi,

Thank you for the question on,

The condition of one's sexual stimulation can be triggered by different things each individual, there are several different conditions when someone who gets sexual stimulation is called parafilia. There are several conditions, including:

Fetihism, where the sexual urge of inanimate objects as a stimulus to get sexual arousal.
Transvetism, sex drive is obtained from cross-dressing, or dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex.
Pedophilia, sexual drive is obtained from relationships and physical contact with prepubertal children.

The above are a number of different conditions where a person can get encouragement and sexual arousal. If the above conditions occur, further examination and management needs to be done with a specialist in psychiatry. Interviews and examinations will be conducted to find out the cause of this condition. It is not recommended to consume drugs or other alternative treatments without consultation and doctor's instructions.

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