Is It Normal To Urinate Frequently At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Is It Normal To Urinate Frequently At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?
Illustration: Is It Normal To Urinate Frequently At 8 Months Of Pregnancy?

sewajarx at the gestational age of 8 months isn’t it Qt will I urinate often? r nBut how come I don’t experience frequent urination ??? . Is it okay with my baby ??? r nI am 8 months pregnant.

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Hello, Tiara harni, thank you for asking

As gestational age gets older, the fetus's size naturally increases as it experiences growth and maturation of organs. The uterus will follow the size of the fetus as well as the placenta and amniotic fluid that support the life of the fetus in the uterus. The enlarged uterus will usually put pressure on the bladder which is located close to each other, so that when the bladder is filled, just a little urine can give a full sensation to the bladder due to the pressure from the enlarged uterus. The full sensation of the bladder will stimulate the urge to urinate.

However, frequent urination or not is not a benchmark for fetal health and growth. To assess the health of fetal growth and development, direct physical examination by a doctor or midwife is required, as well as supporting examinations such as ultrasound and fetal well-being tests.

At 8 months of gestation, you must prepare for the method of delivery and begin to prepare for the introduction of breastfeeding methods. You can read about the development of the fetus at 8 months of gestation and things related to mothers at 8 months of pregnancy in the article “8 Months Pregnant Prepare for Childbirth”. Keep routine ANC (Ante Natal Care) control with the doctor / midwife as recommended, or consult immediately if there are complaints.

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