Is It Okay To Use Vaginal Lubrication When Planning A Pregnancy?

Illustration of Is It Okay To Use Vaginal Lubrication When Planning A Pregnancy?
Illustration: Is It Okay To Use Vaginal Lubrication When Planning A Pregnancy?

Hello, I’m Yuli, 22, my husband is 23. I want to ask, is it permissible to use lubricant (Durex) during intercourse, while my husband and I are planning a pregnancy. If possible, what brand of lubricant are you recommending? Because sometimes when you have a dry relationship, thank you

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Hello Yuli,

Thank you for asking

The condition of a dry vagina can indeed cause discomfort when having sex. Usually, the vagina becomes dry due to lack of lubricant production, such as due to hormonal fluctuations, drug side effects, stress, fatigue, the influence of age, to other illnesses. Decreased sexual fluids can also contribute to the lack of vaginal lubricant production.

To work around this, many couples choose to use additional sexual lubricants. This action is actually not always dangerous. However, the use of sexual lubricants that is not right at risk of triggering irritation, thus making the genitals feel itchy, sore, reddish, bruntusan, and some are even swollen and blistered. Some sensitive people can also experience allergies when in contact with certain sexual lubricant products. Some types of sexual lubricants can also contain chemicals that can change the acidity of the vagina, so the impact, sperm cells can be more difficult to survive. Furthermore, this can indirectly reduce the potential for pregnancy if you and your partner are doing a pregnancy program.

Therefore, you should be very careful about this. If the condition of your dry vagina can be treated with natural treatment, you should not rush to use additional sexual lubricants. Do the following trick first:

Communicate well with your partner, what kind of sexual relationship method you like the most
Perform maximum fore play before penetration
Calm your mind, don't be too tense or anxious
Don't overexert physical activity
Expand to exercise
Always live a healthy lifestyle and sleep regularly every day

If the steps above have not been successful in resolving your complaint, you should consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician to find the best solution.

I hope this helps.

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