Is It Possible Covid-19 Without Fever

Illustration of Is It Possible Covid-19 Without Fever
Illustration: Is It Possible Covid-19 Without Fever

Hello Doctor.

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Hello Hendri, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Currently Indonesia is indeed in a very worrying condition because the sufferers of Covid-19 are increasingly growing. Many worries and worries arise in the community, and one of them happens to you. Covid-19 is transmitted through droplets / saliva splashes, so that the use of masks, enhancing immunity, and washing hands are very important components in maintaining personal health.

The main symptoms of Covid-19 itself are high fever> 38'C, cough, and shortness of breath. Responding to your doubts about the shortness of breath you feel, try to do the calculation. Shortness of breath occurs when the frequency of breath of adults> 24x in one minute. Other signs that are widely spread on the internet are secondary signs and symptoms, because Covid-19 has a primary focus in attacking the respiratory tract. Signs and symptoms can usually appear after going through an incubation period that is 2-14 days after infection. So maybe people who have been infected do not immediately experience signs and symptoms, but after a maximum of 14 days usually symptoms will usually appear.

Responding to the problem that you describe, regarding the liquid chapter that you are experiencing, and accompanied by my blood even more suspicious of the existence of several diseases such as:


Acute diarrhea, accompanied by hemorrhoids.
Anal wounds, due to frequent / excessive hard bowel movements.

The next problem is arising, sputum bleeding on phlegm, or your snot may be caused by several things, namely:

Pulmonary tuberculosis. In this disease you have to evaluate a number of other complaints such as weight loss, night sweats, coughing for longer than 2 weeks, there are glands in the neck. If there is an immediate consultation with a doctor.
Spots of blood occur due to wounds / blisters on the throat / nose. This often happens in the flu, common cold, etc. due to the action of forced mucus removal.

Some of the above diseases may not be related to one another so I suggest you to come to the general practitioner first in the clinic, or puskesmas first. Only after the exact diagnosis has been determined for you, if indeed an indication is obtained to make your referral will be referred to the hospital. But in my opinion to lead to a Covid-19 is still very far away, but it never hurts for you to quarantine yourself at home after consulting a doctor, because some other diseases can also be contagious. Some things you can do include:

Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours per day.
Eat nutritious, and rich in fiber.
Take a multivitamin, according to the right dose.
Avoid stress.
Use a mask every time you go out of the house.
Avoid traveling to crowded places if you don't have urgent needs.
Do physical distancing.
Evaluate complaints that you feel.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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