Is It Possible For A Carrier Without Showing Symptoms After Returning From The Corona Exposure Area?

Illustration of Is It Possible For A Carrier Without Showing Symptoms After Returning From The Corona Exposure Area?
Illustration: Is It Possible For A Carrier Without Showing Symptoms After Returning From The Corona Exposure Area?

Good afternoon, dokMau asked, Is it possible that people who have just come from a country infected with the corona virus do not show symptoms but are still carrying the virus? the sick are not people from the infected country, but actually the people around them. Thank you for the answer

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Corona virus which is currently a pandemic in the world, is a new Corona virus called CoVid-19. This virus has a high level of virulence or this virus has the ability to transmit to healthy individuals quickly, where the growth of cases of patients with Corona virus is rapidly increasing, both in China, Europe and now in Indonesia. Transmission of this virus such as transmission of patients with flu, through the air or droplets, come in contact with contaminated body parts or saliva, snot or tear fluid in patients infected with the Corona covid-19 virus.

This virus has an incubation period or a period where since the entry of germs or viruses to cause symptoms. The incubation period for corona covid-19 virus ranges from 2-14 days. Where in this period, people infected with the Corona virus can not be known whether the person concerned is infected or not, because during the incubation period, patients do not feel any accompanying complaints until noble clinical symptoms appear and begin to be felt by the person. In patients who have experienced comorbid comorbid infections, can experience comorbid complaints in the form of:

 Dry cough Colds colds or colds Symptoms are getting worse causing lower respiratory problems or tightness known as pneumonia Symptoms of digestive disorders can also accompany, but rarely encountered So, in people who have been in an area or country with extensive cases of Corona, and there may also be a history of contact with other patients who are suspected of being infected with Corona or have been corona positive, then in the early stages of infection or in the incubation period of the virus, this person may not experience and feel no symptoms of pain, but this person has been infected with the virus or this person has brought the corona virus from the beginning his trip back to Indonesia or to his home country. This can increase the risk of spreading Corona infection to other healthy individuals when they reach their home country or when they reach home. People around him can be at risk of infection and the same incubation period, both people who are driving the same, people who shake hands, people in the house, other people at work or people around his home environment. This can occur because of the high rate of transmission of the Corona virus from infected people to others.

Therefore, cooperation is needed from all lines in Indonesia, from the government and regions, agencies, and the community itself to work to prevent transmission of this virus, especially for yourself and family and immediately report when there is contact with patients who are suspected Corona or positive Corona . Several attempts can be made if you experience symptoms of Corona infection, dry cough, increased tightness; or contact with other people who have recently traveled from risky areas or countries with extensive Corona cases; or contact with suspicious or positive Corona patients are:

 Conduct an independent evaluation, one of which is to quarantine yourself during the virus incubation period or 14 days. Report to the Covid-19 hot line that has been nationally determined, so that you get supervision by medical staff. Improve your immune system by consuming healthy and nutritious food, and enough water Avoid the habit of lack of sleep Get used to wash your hands before and after the activity with soap and running water Keep clean environment Try the sunlight can enter the room with good air circulation Keep a distance of about more than 1-2 meters from people who are sick, especially coughing and flu symptoms Use a mask if you are in an area that is at risk Separate food and clothing from other family members Self-washing clothes, cutlery, and your personal belongings However, if you are worried about contact, immediately contact the National Covid hot line- 19 or the nearest government hospital. The doctor will conduct an interview relating to possible contact risks and ascertain the source of contact. Physical examination and support can be done based on the results of the examination. Furthermore, the procedure steps can be determined, whether further evaluation needs to be done, just enough supervision, or need to be followed up at the hospital. Thus, all risks can be minimized and efforts to prevent Covid-19 complications can be carried out.

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