Is It Possible To Have A Pregnancy When Having Sex During Menstruation?

Illustration of Is It Possible To Have A Pregnancy When Having Sex During Menstruation?
Illustration: Is It Possible To Have A Pregnancy When Having Sex During Menstruation?

Hello, my name is Canny, so here I am married when my position is menstruating. Because of high curiosity to have sex for the first time. Finally we try in 2 days before menstruation is over, 1 day before menstruation is finished and 1 day after menstruation is finished. Within 3 consecutive days starting from D-2, D-1 menstrual period is complete and D + 1 after menstruation is complete. When having sex we don’t use contraception. My question: Are we having intercourse during the 3 days that pregnancy is possible? And also the possibility of pregnancy is high or low? Having a normal menstrual cycle is 28 days. Please answer doc. Thank you.

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Hello Lao,

Thank you for the question.

If your menstrual cycle is always normal and regular every month, ovulation (the release of a mature egg from the ovary to the uterus) will usually occur 14 days before the day of the next estimated menstruation. The days around ovulation are what is called the fertile period. Sexual potential has the greatest potential to cause pregnancy if carried out in the fertile period.

Judging from the schedule of your sexual relations, the possibility of your time having sex is not a fertile period. Sexual intercourse during menstruation is also known to have the smallest potential for causing pregnancy. But even though it is small, the potential for pregnancy still cannot be ruled out 100%.

If you and your partner are planning a pregnancy, you should calculate when your fertile period. Calculate the fertile period you can do according to the following guidelines:

Calendar method: i.e. about 14 days before the next menstrual forecast day (to predict the next expected menstrual day, you need to first record your menstrual schedule for the last 6-9 months, then study the pattern)
Method of measuring body temperature: during the fertile period, basal body temperature will increase compared to other days
Monitoring methods of cervical mucus: during the fertile period, cervical mucus will be produced more and more elastic like egg whites

So that the potential for more severe pregnancy, you are advised to have regular sex every 2-3 days, especially during the fertile period. Not only that, you and your partner also need to be more disciplined to rest, eat healthy foods (especially those rich in folic acid, vitamin C, and E), don't smoke, exercise diligently, avoid excessive stress, and don't take drugs or supplements carelessly. without doctor's advice. For a more optimal pregnancy planning, it is also advisable to check the fertility of each one by a doctor or obstetrician.

I hope this helps.

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