Is It Possible To Travel Far Using A Motorcycle When Pregnant Young?

Illustration of Is It Possible To Travel Far Using A Motorcycle When Pregnant Young?
Illustration: Is It Possible To Travel Far Using A Motorcycle When Pregnant Young?

good night, siska, I am pregnant g1a0, uk: 5-6mgg, complaints nowadays sometimes feel tense in the stomach, a little morning sickness. Well, can a young pregnant woman like me travel long distances on a motorcycle for about 3 hours?

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Hello Siska,

When pregnant it is very natural for pregnant women to be more worried including when going on a motorcycle. So far the adverse effects of riding a motorbike during pregnancy directly have not been ascertained and in fact the fetus is also protected by amniotic fluid, abdominal muscles, and pelvis so that it is quite safe against mild shocks.

But the conditions of every pregnant woman may be different. Pregnant women with a history of interruption, high risk of premature delivery, the placenta is under, the cervix / cervix is ​​weak, and a history of spinal disorders should be more careful when riding a motorbike and try to consult with your obstetrician if you are going to travel far by motorcycle.

If a close trip is generally not a problem using a motorbike during pregnancy, but if the distance is far, you can choose other transportation that is more convenient such as a car, bus, taxi, or train. If you really have to ride a motorcycle for 3 consecutive hours without a break, I suggest that you consult first with your obstetrician so that you can be sure your pregnancy condition is possible or not.

Do not forget to pay attention to safety when driving and if possible choose a road that does not have many holes, take regular breaks, and bring the necessary equipment while on the road. Do not hold back urinate when the road yes.

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Thank you

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