Is It Safe For Hemorrhoids Ointment For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Is It Safe For Hemorrhoids Ointment For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Is It Safe For Hemorrhoids Ointment For Pregnant Women?

Bismillaah I want to ask, is borraginol ointment safe for pregnant women? Is it natural for some pregnant women to get ambient? The problem is that some of the information about pregnant women complains like mine. It does not hurt, does not bleed too, if the bowel is also smooth, sometimes it just feels like a lump in it for a while … Does it have to be given an ointment? Thank you …

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Hello Sandy Putri, thank you for asking at

The ointment you are asking about, there are 2 types on the market, each of which has a different content even though both have the same function, namely as an anti-hemorrhoids drug where both of these drugs aim to help reduce the pain caused, help reduce inflammation and swelling that occurs and helps trigger the healing process in hemorrhoids.

The main content of these two ointments is prednisone and benzocaine respectively, which according to the FDA, these two drugs are categorized as C for pregnancy (in studies in animals proven to cause side effects on the fetus, but there is no clear research in humans, use only recommended by the doctor's consideration), especially when used by drinking. However, if you are recommended to use this drug by your doctor, then the doctor has considered where this drug will have far more positive effects than the side effects.

Normally, during pregnancy the amount of blood in the body increases so that it often causes difficulty in the veins to drain blood back to the heart, so that it can cause a condition called varicose veins. Varicose veins themselves can occur in any blood vessel, and if it occurs in the anus, it will cause a condition called hemorrhoids. This condition is also exacerbated due to an increase in pressure in the veins in the pelvic cavity due to the uterus and also the fetus getting enlarged, so it can be said that all pregnant women are at risk of developing hemorrhoids, but not all of them have to experience this. This condition will usually be more common in people who have previously suffered from hemorrhoids.

For the use of ointment itself, as explained above, it functions as an anti-hemorrhoids medication and helps to reduce symptoms and lead to improvement. If the use of the ointment is indeed recommended by your doctor, then use the ointment according to his recommendations. However, the drug that you are asking is based on the advice of someone other than a doctor, so never use these drugs without clear instructions from the doctor because they can have bad side effects.

For now, you can help reduce it by increasing consumption of vegetables and fruits, increasing consumption of water, and also reducing activities that make you straining because it can aggravate hemorrhoids themselves.

I hope this helps.

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