Is It Safe For Toddlers To Take Cold Medicine Together With Antibiotics?

Illustration of Is It Safe For Toddlers To Take Cold Medicine Together With Antibiotics?
Illustration: Is It Safe For Toddlers To Take Cold Medicine Together With Antibiotics?

, I have a 3-year-old child, and currently the cough has not healed, I’m afraid to take him to the clinic or hospital … For now I give him a yellow hufagrip medicine, his body temperature is 37.3, is it still normal? I ask, may I take this hufagrip accompanied by antibiotics such as hufanoxil or yusimox? Thanks before for the time and advice 🙏 I hope all of us will be given healthy all the time ..

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Hello, thank you for the question to

First of all, I want to confirm first, how long has your child exactly been coughing?

Cough in children is most often caused by a viral infection (most often is rhinovirus) and a viral infection is an infection that can heal itself in 7-10 days without any treatment. Coughing caused by rhinovirus is generally mild, does not cause fever or only causes mild fever, can also be accompanied by colds, nasal congestion, sneezing, decreased appetite and in some children nausea and vomiting can occur.

Body temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius is normal (no fever). If this coughing has not passed 7-10 days, the cough that is experienced is also mild, no fever, no shortness of breath, then most likely the cough your child is experiencing is a cough caused by an infection of the normal respiratory tract virus (rhinovirus). In this case, you don't need any treatment for the child. Cold cough medicine is never recommended to be given to children because it does not accelerate the healing of children and can actually increase the risk of side effects of the drug. Antibiotics (such as Hufanoxil or Yusimox) will not be able to overcome a viral infection so it is not recommended to be given. Moreover, these drugs are included in the class of hard drugs which should not be given if not yet consulted directly to the doctor and may not be purchased alone without a prescription from a doctor.

The following are some things that are recommended to do:

 Do self-isolation at home (do not bring the child out of the house if not really forced), do social and physical distancing Give honey to children, honey is proven to help reduce coughing, especially coughing at night (you may give directly or dissolved in water / milk) Put a humidifier or air humidifier in the child's room. Bathe the child with warm water before the child sleeps, let the child breathe warm water vapor from the bath. Sleep the child in a higher head position Give more fluids to the child Give nutritious food to the child, if the appetite is down, no need to be too forced to eat. If up to 7 days the cough does not improve and it gets worse, the child looks crowded, appears feverish after symptoms appear to improve, the child looks weak and does not want to play as usual, you are advised to take your child to the pediatrician for further evaluation.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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