Is It Safe If GOM Is Swallowed By Babies 3 Weeks Old?

Illustration of Is It Safe If GOM Is Swallowed By Babies 3 Weeks Old?
Illustration: Is It Safe If GOM Is Swallowed By Babies 3 Weeks Old?

Doctor, due to breastfeeding my nipples blister and sometimes bleed, if I treat it with GOM, is it safe for my 3 week old baby? How should the use of these drugs?

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Hello Siti, Thank you for the question.

Have you seen a doctor? Have you breastfeed your child in the right position? Improper positioning of breastfeeding can cause injury to the nipple. This condition can hamper your baby's breastfeeding process.

GOM / borax glycerin is one of the antiseptic drugs used to treat thrush and maintain oral health. This medicine is used by applying it to thrush sores or as a mouthwash. Thus, this drug cannot be swallowed. You should not use this medicine on your nipples because they can be swallowed by your child.

If the nipple is bleeding, you should not continue breastfeeding so the condition does not get worse. You can breastfeed your child from the adjacent breast that is not injured. Even so, you are still encouraged to empty the injured breast regularly by expressing milk. This milk can be given to your baby with a bottle of milk. Make sure you have a baby pacifier that is the right size for your baby's mouth and choose soft milk pacifiers.

To overcome the injury to the nipple, because it is bleeding, you should consult with your doctor for further examination and treatment. You should avoid breastfeeding your baby directly from the breast until the wound heals. Then, please correct your breastfeeding position. Before breastfeeding, milk a little milk then apply to the nipples, making sure you have a comfortable position. Position the baby's mouth so that all parts of the areola enter the baby's mouth, not just the nipples only. Make sure the baby's chin also sticks to your breasts. Pay attention to your baby's mouth, the correct position will cause the baby's mouth to fold out, the baby's cheeks don't look flat, and you don't feel pain. If you are still doubtful about the correct breastfeeding position, please consult with your pediatrician or lactation consultant doctor,

I hope this helps.

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