Is It Safe Or Not To Use The KB Pill After A Miscarriage?

Noon. A month ago I had a miscarriage on July 7, my fetus came out accompanied by bleeding (using drugs) and until now, on August 17, I was still bleeding but the blood slowly turned brown. Between 7 July and 17 August, my blood stopped for about 2 days. Then I consulted with my doctor, he said that my uterus was clean and advised me to take the mainstay birth control pills to smooth my menstruation. My question is about taking birth control pills, can the blood stop immediately after a miscarriage? And will I have another child afterwards?

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We are sorry for the loss you experienced before. May God Almighty replace these losses with better favors in the future. Aamiin.

A miscarriage occurs when the pregnancy ends before the fetus can survive independently outside the uterus (i.e. before 20 weeks gestation, or when the fetus weighs less than 500 grams). After a miscarriage, one aspect that needs to be considered is whether there is any tissue left in the uterus or not. If there is enough tissue left in the uterus, it can interfere with the contractility of the uterus, causing you to experience prolonged bleeding. It could also be that the remaining tissue causes infection and the formation of scar tissue in the uterus which affects the potential for your next pregnancy.

The remainder of the tissue after a miscarriage can come out on its own, with the help of medication, or it may be curettage (dilation and curretage surgery). To ensure that your uterus is clean, you need to undergo an ultrasound examination with an obstetrician.

If it is true that your uterus is clean, then of course you can use contraception. However, regarding choosing what type of contraception is right for you, this must be considered by considering various factors, such as age, posture, medical history, general health conditions, and also plans for a future pregnancy. Therefore, before deciding to take birth control pills, you should first check with a gynecologist.

After a miscarriage, the ideal time to get pregnant is generally around 3 months. This time is needed for your uterus to recover so that it is ready to carry a new fetus. However, this time standard was not standard. You can get pregnant again sooner or later depending on your previous history of the cause of the miscarriage and your general health condition. If there is no fertility problem either from you or your partner, of course it is not impossible for both of you to have a baby again after a miscarriage and use contraception.

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