Is It Safe To Consume DHA, VItamin And Calcium?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Consume DHA, VItamin And Calcium?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Consume DHA, VItamin And Calcium?

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At the time of pregnancy, the nutritional needs of the mother will change because they have to pay attention to the supply of nutrients for the child being conceived as well. Some needs that change include calorie requirements that generally increase with increasing gestational age. Some vitamins and minerals are also needed by the mother during pregnancy.

Some mineral conditions and nutrient intake needed related to pregnant women can be seen below:

You are encouraged to eat foods that contain carbohydrates as much as 8 to 10 servings every day, as a daily source of energy.

During pregnancy, you need at least 40 to 70 grams of protein every day. You can also meet your daily protein intake by eating, meat, eggs, tofu, milk, seafood including fish or shellfish, and beans.

The function of iron is to form hemoglobin which acts as an oxygen carrier throughout the body of the mother and fetus through red blood cells. When pregnant, your iron needs increase by 50 percent. Lack of iron can increase the risk of premature babies.

Folic acid
From the beginning until the age of 12 weeks of pregnancy, you are advised to take as much as 400 mcg of folic acid supplements per day. Natural sources of folate are green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, beans, avocados, and papaya.

Fiber and vitamins
During pregnancy, you need 200-450 grams of vegetables and 350 grams of fruit every day. The fiber content in vegetables and fruits is useful to help the digestive system during pregnancy and prevent constipation during pregnancy.

Choose healthy sources of vegetable fat, such as whole grains, nuts, and avocados.

Can consume milk, yogurt, or calcium supplementation.

Consumption of DHA vitamins and calcium including minerals and nutrients needed for the mother during pregnancy, but it is recommended to consume products that are recommended by your doctor and have been registered with BPOM for safety. If you experience complaints or other conditions, can consult the obstetrician again for further examination and management. For more information on nutritional and mineral needs during pregnant women, can access this link.

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