Is It Safe To Consume Guava And Its Contents?

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.rnI happen to have some guavas at home and I usually make guava juice. But sometimes I’m lazy so I just eat without juice.rnrnI eat with the seeds, but I’m worried that something will happen to my digestion. I then searched there were some articles that allowed to eat all the seeds together but I wasn’t sure about the article so I wanted to ask a professional doctor here, is it okay to eat all the seeds from guava?rnrnThank you.

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Hi Sefti, thank you for visiting

Guava is a plant that is rich in fiber, vitamin C, folate, and various other substances that function as antioxidants. The content contained in this guava in several studies can be beneficial to the body, such as:

Antioxidants that protect the body from harmful free radicals. Free radicals can cause various problems, such as cancer, blood vessel problems, etc
Maintain eye and prostate health because it contains Phytonutrients
Rich in carotenoids that help prevent heart disease, boost immunity, and nourish the skin
Rich in vitamin C which can form collagen tissue and is important for healthy bones, teeth, gums, and blood vessels
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol because of its potassium and fiber content
Help increase the number of platelets and inhibit the growth of the dengue virus.

Eating guava and its contents will not cause indigestion as long as the needs of other digestive processes are met, such as fiber and water content. Ingested guava seeds will be destroyed by stomach acid and absorbed by the juices by the intestines and excreted in the form of feces.

Here are some tips so you avoid indigestion, such as:

Regular exercise, at least 30 minutes in one workout, 5 days a week
Maintain ideal body weight

Consume 2-3 liters of water per day or at least 8 glasses per day
Eat foods that are high in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits
Avoid the habit of holding bowel movements.

Hope it is useful.

dr. Thoriqotil H.M.

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