Is It Safe To Consume Long-term Supplements To Overcome Insomnia

Illustration of Is It Safe To Consume Long-term Supplements To Overcome Insomnia
Illustration: Is It Safe To Consume Long-term Supplements To Overcome Insomnia

Hello, I am 35 years old, a self-employed worker. Lately I often experience insomnia. I’ve been to a sleep disorder clinic and was prescribed a 1mg Ativan drug. But I don’t want that drug addiction. Initially I was able to consume Ativan for 3 days to improve sleep quality. now hmpr 2 months passed and insomnia returned again. I have read that there is a Swisse Ultiboost sleep supplement, it is not a sedative but rather an herbal remedy containing magnesium, valerian which is believed can help sleep quality. The question is, is it safe if I try to take supplements without consulting a doctor? Thx before.

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Hello, thank you for asking

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for people with sleep, or not getting enough sleep. Though the person has time to be able to sleep enough. This makes the condition of people with insomnia not prime in dealing with daily activities. Disorders of sleep patterns can be difficult to start sleeping, often waking up in the middle of the night or too early but unable or difficulty falling asleep again. There are several medical conditions that can cause sleep disorders, including:

 Obstructive sleep apnea Narcolepsy insomnia Nightmares Psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression To treat your condition, you can consult further with a psychiatrist or psychologist to track the main causes of sleep disorders more optimally. The use of drugs or supplements is not recommended without doctor's advice and supervision because it may cause side effects that are not understood by the patient.

In connection with the worldwide corona virus pandemic, postpone treatment to a psychiatrist or psychologist until the government has declared safe. Follow some tips to get around sleep disorders and help with the following quality sleep:

 Create a room temperature in cool conditions Create a dim light in your room, do not be too bright Avoid the use of gadgets before sleeping Avoid staying up and follow the sleep patterns according to your needs Reduce noise Do relaxation before sleep to reduce anxiety Hope it helps


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