Is It Safe To Cover Electrocautery Warts On The Skin?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Cover Electrocautery Warts On The Skin?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Cover Electrocautery Warts On The Skin?

Good morning doctor, I want to ask you last night I did an electrocauter because I had warts on my hands, I was given pain medication and ointment to dry the cauter scar, my question is I have to go to work using a motorbike, so I closed my cauter scar after I give an ointment so that when leaving for the office it is not exposed to dust and pollution, is it okay for me to cover it with a little bandage while working or not?

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Warts occur due to infection with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) virus. This infection can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with other wart sufferers. Less than optimal body resistance can greatly increase your risk of getting these warts. Usually, warts will appear as lumps on the skin that are rough, the same color as the skin or slightly gray, without pain, itching, or other complaints. Warts can appear on various parts of the body, including on the hands. If it is located in an area that is easily visible to others, of course this condition can be very disturbing.

Treating warts can be done with several procedures, including electrocautery (electrosurgery). This procedure is usually done under local anesthesia so that the sufferer does not feel pain. After the procedure, recovery is generally quick, which is less than 2 to 4 weeks. As long as it is performed by qualified medical personnel, electrocautery to treat the skin rarely causes dangerous side effects. There are some risks of side effects that may arise, usually in the form of bleeding or infection at the surgery, scar tissue formation, or warts that come back. This risk can generally be prevented with proper treatment after surgery.

There is no real problem covering the electrocautery marks on the skin. However, if you close the scar too tight, the area of ​​the action can become moist and make it easier for fungus to grow. In addition, if the bandage you used to cover the scar is not changed regularly, it can cause the scar to become dirty.

Therefore, we suggest, only cover up the trace of this action if it is necessary. As much as possible, wear long-sleeved clothing to protect the scars from exposure to dust or other harmful debris. Get in the habit of periodically changing the bandage. Do not forget, keep using medicine from a doctor so that healing runs more optimally.

If later complaints arise, don't hesitate to have your condition checked directly to the doctor or skin specialist who treated you before.

I hope this helps.

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