Is It Safe To Eat Instant Chicken Porridge Often?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Eat Instant Chicken Porridge Often?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Eat Instant Chicken Porridge Often?


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Instant food in packets is not recommended for consumption in large quantities and in a long period of time. Foods of this type generally contain very high sodium or salt, simple carbohydrate content, and high saturated fat. For example, in the case of instant noodles generally contain up to 2000 mg of sodium where per day the recommended amount of sodium consumption is only 500 mg. Consumption of foods high in sodium can cause high blood pressure. Simple carbohydrates can also cause the body's blood sugar levels to jump so fast that it's not good for the body's metabolism. Then the saturated fat content also needs to be limited because it is directly proportional to the risk of fat plaque formation in blood vessels that can cause a heart attack or stroke. The risk of obesity will increase along with the habit of eating instant foods. There is not much good nutrition that we can get from instant food because of the long processing that causes the nutritional content is either lost or wasted.

You can still consume instant foods occasionally with an amount that is not excessive. Check the nutritional content on the packaging label to make sure you do not consume excessive amounts of harmful ingredients. Prioritize always processing food that comes from fresh ingredients and without processing that is too long to guarantee the nutritional content.

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