Is It Safe To Get Pregnant Again After Having A Miscarriage 2 Months Ago?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Get Pregnant Again After Having A Miscarriage 2 Months Ago?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Get Pregnant Again After Having A Miscarriage 2 Months Ago?

I want a consultation. I had a miscarriage (5 weeks content) but was not cured, about 2 months ago. The last 3 weeks I felt my body was not feeling well, such as weakness, leg pain, hip pain (especially my stomach cramps and aches but with frequent intensity even though the pain was brief).

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We understand the concerns that you feel.
Miscarriage can be caused by genetic factors, disorders of the reproductive organs, certain medical diseases or other environmental factors.
Miscarriage at the age of under 14 weeks, generally curettage is not recommended to be done, unless there are certain conditions or there is a consideration from a gynecologist who checks, and miscarriages occur completely (all fetal tissue comes out without any left) so it does not require any action.

You do not need to worry, because a woman who has had a miscarriage, both complete and incomplete, can resume her pregnancy program after the management of the miscarriage. There is no definite standard when pregnancy may occur after a miscarriage. The fastest menstrual cycle will return in 2 weeks. There are some medical opinions that suggest a pregnancy program can be done after 2 menstrual cycles, or about 3-6 months after a miscarriage. But this does not become a definite benchmark for a person's pregnancy after a miscarriage.

When pregnancy has occurred, then there is no need to feel anxious about the condition of your uterus. A woman's uterus is created in a sturdy form, as a place for the development of the zygote to become a fetus, despite previous miscarriages. Women who have a history of miscarriage, will be able to maintain the next pregnancy. However, the possibility of recurring miscarriages can still occur, which often can be caused by certain medical conditions or unknown causes. In this regard, it is highly recommended to conduct more specific medical examinations such as blood laboratories to determine whether there are abnormalities in hormones, both in reproductive hormones or abnormalities in the thyroid, disorders in the immune system and TORCH tests are important for pregnant women with a history of miscarriage.

Limp, abdominal pain and cramps are symptoms that are naturally felt by pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. These symptoms occur due to the influence of pregnancy hormones that are soaring up and over time will improve by itself. To help reduce these complaints, take a break at home, avoid activities that are too tiring, avoid anxiety, meet the needs of body fluids and consumption of healthy and nutritious food. If you are nauseous, you can consume food in small portions with frequent frequency.

We suggest that you carry out further examinations and consultations with obstetricians so that you can get more complete and relevant information regarding your condition.
Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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