Is It Safe To Have Lumps Left After Curette?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Have Lumps Left After Curette?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Have Lumps Left After Curette?

Good afternoon, I want to ask for the remaining lumps after the curette. On Friday, August 30, I was curating because I had a previous glimpse and when the ultrasound doctor said the fetus did not develop, as a result I had to curette for the second time after 5 months before I did a curette too. On August 30, I had a curette, after the curette, I still had blood like menstruation, when I returned to control on Friday, September 6, I informed the doctor if I was still bleeding for a week. When the doctor said on the ultrasound, there was still a blood clot of 2cm, then I was given the drug MISOPROSTOL 200mcg, I drank and the effect was mules kept bleeding out like menstruation but no blood clots came out, and today on the 11th this morning I took a shower suddenly came out a blood clot , Is that a sign already out? But after the lump came out this afternoon, there was still blood. Is the sign that I want to clean only the remnants or indeed it should be discharged out of the lump is clean and no more blood comes out. Or what are the suggestions? And is it safe for my uterus? Thank you, please answer

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Hello Dhee,

Thank you for asking

Previously, we convey your condolences for the exam you are facing. May God grant you and your partner patience and sincerity in facing the test. Aamiin

A fetus that does not develop (blighted ovum) can sometimes decay by itself from the uterus, but may or may not. In the second condition, the doctor needs to intervene, for example by giving a decay drug or doing a curette operation so that the remaining pregnancy tissue is completely free, and your uterus will recover and be ready to contain the new fetus later. If inadequate treatment is done, then the rest of the tissue in the uterus can cause you to experience prolonged bleeding that is at risk of fatal, even deadly. Not only that, the rest of the tissue in the uterus in the long run also risks proliferating into scar tissue that disrupts the function of your uterus as a whole.

Post curette, naturally, bleeding can last for 1 to 2 weeks. So, if you just had a curette less than 2 weeks ago, the possibility of bleeding that you are still experiencing right now is still a natural thing. Try speeding up the recovery of your condition after the curette with the following steps:

Get more rest
Do not always have sex that involves vaginal penetration
Expand to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants (especially fruits and vegetables) and also vitamin K (such as red meat, liver, soybeans, seeds, green leafy vegetables)
Do not smoke
Live a healthy lifestyle
No stress, anxiety, or excessive sadness
Do not carelessly take other medicines without doctor's advice

However, if after 2 weeks there is still a lot of blood coming out of your birth canal, or other complaints appear more severe, such as abdominal pain, anemia, and so on, you should check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician to be given the best treatment, right? ..

I hope this helps/

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