Is It Safe To Have The Pneumothorax Re-operated?

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I am 25 years old. Have had a pneumothorax until the operation. Not yet 6 months after the surgery my disease recurred. Now recommended for surgery again. Is it dangerous right? I have plans to go out for treatment. Is it dangerous for my current condition to get on a plane?

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Hi Jessica,

Thanks for asking on the forum.

Pneumothorax is a condition in which air accumulates in the pleural cavity (the membrane between the lungs and chest cavity), which can be caused by several things such as lung damage, chest injury, smoking, heredity, and others. Treatment of pneumothorax depends on the degree (mild-severity of the condition), in mild pneumothorax, only close observation of breathing is carried out, it can also be in the form of needle insertion or a tube in the chest, the last step in severe pneumothorax is surgery If the doctor recommends surgery, chances are you have a severe pneumothorax, and of course it can be dangerous if not observed by the doctor, let alone traveling by plane.

It should also be noted that as one of the conditions for airworthiness, passengers must not suffer from pneumothorax, this is associated with the possibility of increasing the severity of the pneumothorax if the sufferer is on an airplane For patients who have a history of pneumothorax, the doctor will recommend a chest x-ray to make sure there are no signs of a pneumothorax, just before flying.

However, only a doctor who has examined your condition directly can determine it, you should discuss it with the doctor who treats you, is it possible with your current condition, you can travel by plane.

So hopefully useful.

dr. Annes

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