Is It Safe To Remove The Upper Teeth?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Remove The Upper Teeth?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Remove The Upper Teeth? Bing

Mmm, please introduce my nm BimarnI’m 21 years old, I want to askrnThat the teeth on the front are right on the top 2, so one of them is plated..the teeth are layered, the front is It’s been damaged and the color is already black and yellowish like that.. that tooth has been the one that’s been skittish for a few years now.. so if I remove it, how can I do it with my eyes.. Maybe I will go blind. Please pnjlsnya..thank you healthy slam..

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Good afternoon, Teguh. Thank you for your question

Dental and oral health are closely related. Oral health will have an impact on body health conditions and vice versa. Tooth decay is a common complaint and has been experienced by almost everyone. Teeth with cavities are prone to bacterial infections, so this condition needs to get the right treatment so that the infection doesn't spread to other surrounding tissues (such as gums, teeth, and other supporting tissues).

Layered teeth occur due to poor dental growth, but dental problems themselves are not the competence of general practitioners but the competence of dentists, so I suggest that you can consult your complaints with the nearest dentist or who often treats you.

Based on this, pain in the jaw (chin) may be caused by problems with the teeth you are experiencing. Toothache may be caused by several conditions, including:

·       Teething.

·      Dental or gum infections.

·      The tooth is festering.

·      Sudden cracks in the teeth.

·       The accumulation of food debris between the teeth.

·      Dental trauma

· Cavity.

Both the dental nerve and the eye nerve originate from a nerve in the brain known as the trigeminal nerve. But basically there is no direct connection between the dental nerve and the eye nerve, so it is not true that removing a molar tooth can cause eye problems such as blindness.

What needs to be considered is that tooth extraction should not be done when the tooth is infected because this condition can cause the spread of infection to other surrounding tissues. The spread of infection is something to watch out for, because if the extraction is done on the maxillary teeth, the infection can spread and cause swelling to the eye area.

You also need to maintain your dental health by:

·       Maintain the cleanliness of your teeth and gums by brushing your teeth regularly, especially after eating and before going to bed

·       Use a soft toothbrush

·       Avoid brushing your teeth too hard

·      Gargling with antibacterial mouthwash

·       Consumption of nutritious foods, especially those containing vitamin C

·       Reduce consumption of foods or drinks that contain high sugar content

·        Check your dental health to the dentist at least every 6 months

May be useful,

dr. Dian

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