Is It Safe To Stop Taking Antibiotics?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Stop Taking Antibiotics?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Stop Taking Antibiotics?

Good night, r nYou are asking, right now my condition is recovering after a broken suture from the appendix. At the moment my wound is almost closing with only a small amount of liquid left over and changing bandages once a day. At present the wound is open with a hole the size of a green bean. The day after the breakdown I had consulted the surgeon who operated on me and was not sewn up again, prescribed Sporetic 100 2 × 2 antibiotics, Trichodazol 500 3 × 1. Today I was in control again to the surgeon but not the one who operated on me because he was on leave. I complained that after taking the medicine I felt nausea and dizziness whose intensity increased every day. I consumed it for about 4 days. The surgeon said to just stop using Trichodazol antibiotics, don’t continue. But he did not explain whether it is safe to stop the antibiotic while he said Trichodazol is useful for killing bacteria from the inside. Does it matter if I really stop the Trichodazol? Thanks.

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Hello Viola,

Trichodazole 500mg is a trademark of a drug which contains 500mg of metronidazole. Maybe as you already know, metronidazole is an antimicrobial drug that works to treat infections because protozoan microorganisms and anaerobic bacteria / in their lives do not need oxygen. Usually metronidazole will be prescribed for patients who will undergo intestinal surgery and surgery on the female reproductive system.

Side effects that can occur when taking metronidazole are diverse, ranging from the color of urine that looks darker, decreased appetite, nausea to vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness to changes in the sense of taste.

The advice given by your doctor to stop taking the drug must have been taken into consideration, where he is more concerned with the health and condition of your digestive organs. And the consumption of drugs that you have done has met the minimum dose you should take, and this is not possible for microorganisms to become resistant to these drugs later. So you do not need to worry and worry about stopping the consumption of these drugs.

To anticipate the condition of the stitches that are still in the process of repair, you should be careful to look after them, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Choose foods that you consume by multiplying protein, because protein is needed to repair injured cells
Keep the condition of your wound to stay awake in a dry state, and not exposed to water, because it can be a source of bacteria and grow on your wound.
Don't overdo the activities that can affect the suture, such as running around, or doing heavy chores.
Adequate fluid intake for your body at least 2 L per day.
Consumption of drugs prescribed by the doctor in accordance with the recommendations and drinking rules.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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