Is It Safe To Try The Pregnancy Program Again After 3 Miscarriages?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Try The Pregnancy Program Again After 3 Miscarriages?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Try The Pregnancy Program Again After 3 Miscarriages?

Hello, I am a 25-year-old masrida, I want to ask, I have miscarried 3 times 1 time a curette, the doctor does not know what causes my miscarriage because my pregnancy is healthy, I am advised to check the virus results Rubella IgG Positive cons: 103.2Rubella IgM Negative CMV Positive IgG Cons: 818.4 CMV Negative IgM How do I read it? Can I get pregnant again? And is this dangerous?

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Good afternoon, Masrida, thank you for asking at We are also sorry for what you have experienced. Miscarriage is a condition when pregnancy stops on its own when the gestational age is under 20 weeks. When more than 20 weeks, the name is no longer a miscarriage, but the death of the fetus in the womb.

Just as your doctor once said, the causes of miscarriage are very diverse and often cannot be known with certainty. If there is a cause, the possibilities include:

Genetic or hereditary disorders
TORCH infection

Hormone disorders
Immune disorders
Side effects of exposure to radiation, chemicals or certain drugs
Abdominal abnormalities
Chronic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disorders

In addition, miscarriage also increases if a woman has risk factors such as being too young or under 18 years or too old (over 35 years), having had a miscarriage before, often inhaling cigarette smoke, consuming alcohol, drugs and doing strenuous activities.

In your condition, as we said before, TORCH can be a cause of miscarriage. TORCH is actually an abbreviation, from a group of diseases consisting of Toxoplasma, Others / others, Rubella, CMV and Herpes. Examination that you do is to check whether you have Rubella and CMV infections or not.

There are two components for each disease, namely IgG and IgM. In this regard, IgG indicates an infection that existed in the past, and IgM indicates an infection in the present. Given that you have had positive results on IgG and negative on IgM in both diseases, then the conclusion may be that you have been affected by the disease at some time, but clearly you are not infected now. That way, it doesn't matter if you actually want to do the pregnancy program again.

What you need to know is that if you have a miscarriage 3 times, your risk for miscarriage is higher than in previous pregnancies. Therefore, if you get pregnant again later, you must be extra careful, and you should be more diligent in your control to the obstetrician. Do not do heavy physical activity, multiply rest, consume pregnancy vitamins such as folic acid, stay away from stress and cigarette smoke, and multiply mature vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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