Is It Safe To Use A Powder Medicine For Sore Throat And Canker Sores When You Are Young

Illustration of Is It Safe To Use A Powder Medicine For Sore Throat And Canker Sores When You Are Young
Illustration: Is It Safe To Use A Powder Medicine For Sore Throat And Canker Sores When You Are Young

At night … I am 11 weeks pregnant and am experiencing swollen gums that cause the gums to grow and the teeth around sometimes get sick … I don’t use khau fung san for sore throat and mouth sores powder which I apply on a cotton swab and then apply the power to the oral cavity swollen … is it safe for me to take the medicine? Today I use it and I think about how safe or not it is for me and the fetus

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Swelling of the gums accompanied by pain is generally an inflammatory process (inflammation) that occurs due to infection of the normal flora of the mouth that develops excessively, or due to infection with pathogenic bacteria that enter the mouth. Factors contributing to gum inflammation (gingivitis) include poor oral hygiene, immune system disorders, systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, or the habit of consuming foods with high sugar content, which are important substrates for bacterial growth. In addition to gingivitis, you may experience pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp, which is part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and innervation) or periodontitis (an abscess near the root of a tooth). For a definite diagnosis requires examination by a dentist.

As for hebal drugs or traditional medicines such as Khau Fung San, generally still has not gone through the stages of rigorous clinical trials in accordance with scientific rules that follow the standard standards. as is the doctor's medicine. So the effectiveness and safety (safety) seems not to be able to be justified scientifically. Nonetheless, some herbal medicines that have been limitedly investigated in preclinical tests are reported to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, despite its anti-inflammatory properties in preclinical testing, its effectiveness is not necessarily the same if tested clinically.

So, although Khau Fung San may have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the gums, scientific evidence that supports it is not strong enough, for example, the results of Khau Fung San clinical trials are not published in scientific articles that are published. indexed Scopus. Moreover, in terms of safety, many traditional medicines have not been clinically tested. So I myself cannot conclude that Khau Fung San is safe or not, because scientific evidence supporting this is not yet strong.

On the contrary, I suggest that traditional medicines, which are generally not clinically tested, should not be taken, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy (the first three months). Because at this time the vital period of the process of organogenesis (organ formation) is the beginning of the fetus. Many disorders of congenital growth occur due to the consumption of drugs that are not safe for the fetus at this critical time. But if you already drink it, don't panic too much. This should not be done again. You should also be diligent in doing routine pregnancy check-ups to your obstetrician and gynecologist, so that the condition of the developing fetus can be accurately monitored. Information about your previous history of taking traditional medicines should also be conveyed to the doctor who examined you.

In addition, to treat inflammation of the gums, the source of the trigger for inflammation must be addressed, which is generally associated with infection, especially gram-positive bacterial infections of Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus hemoliticus. The infection must be treated with appropriate antibiotics, because if not, this can increase the risk of heart problems. However, because antibiotics must be prescribed by a doctor after undergoing a direct physical examination, you should consult a dentist regarding inflammation of your gums.

To overcome the fever as well as relieve pain, a relatively safe drug for pregnant women is paracetamol. But remember, in pregnant women, the recommended use is in the lowest dose in a short period of time. If it is not necessary or the pain can still be arrested, it should not be used. Nevertheless, paracetamol is more recommended than any traditional medicine, because at least it has been clinically tested. In addition, while at home you should consume lots of water, get enough rest, and still maintain a balanced nutritional diet. Fever can also be overcome by compressing the forehead or taking a warm shower, so that body heat quickly evaporates so that it can reduce fever.

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