Is It Safe To Use Earplugs?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Use Earplugs?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Use Earplugs?

Can you use earplugs such as swimming or not? I went to the doctor, he said, with a small hole so I can’t get hit with water. Is it safe? I forgot to ask the doctor when repent

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Earplugs for swimming, there is a small hole in the middle, but it is recommended for swimming to prevent the entry of too much water that can clog ear. When ear plugging occurs it can cause inflammation in the inner ear, resulting in symptoms of flu, coughing, blocked ears and so on, symptoms like this can usually cause a disease called otitis externa.

But it should also be noted to choose earplugs:

-Clean, not used interchangeably with others

- do not cause allergic reactions,

-And don't press it too deeply into the ear.

For more information, you can consult an ENT specialist

Prevention can be done:

- swim in the depths that we can, and not too high depth

-heating before swimming

swim in a good and right way

Thus, hopefully useful :)

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