Is It Safe To Use Minoxidil For Ages Under 20?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Use Minoxidil For Ages Under 20?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Use Minoxidil For Ages Under 20?

, is it safe to use the drug Minoxidil to grow chickens but under the age of 20 years ?, And what about the impact of these uses?

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a drug that you call a drug to stimulate hair and beard growth. where this drug belongs to the vasodilator group, which is a drug that works to dilate blood vessels so that blood flow becomes smooth. This drug is available in the form of an external medicine liquid that is applied to the skin. Even though it is more often used to grow hair on the head, minoxidil can be used as a beard and mustache grower, but it must be accompanied by doctor's instructions.

This medicine is consumed by adults, this product is only used for ages over 18 years. so under 18 years do not use this drug especially without a prescription and doctor's advice. Follow the instructions for how to use that are printed on the package before using this drug. You can consult with your doctor about the dosage that suits your condition or if you want to use it on other parts of the body. Use beyond the recommended dose will not make hair grow faster, but instead can increase the risk of side effects.

Side effects that can occur after using this drug:

Burning sensation
Sting or irritation (red, itchy, dry)

if you experience side effects, immediately go to the doctor to get the tasting and stop the use.

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