Is It Safe To Wax The Area Of ​​the Surgery?

I have done surgery in the armpit area and I want to wax the area, but I don’t know if the area where the surgery is scarred I can wax. At the last check-up I wanted to ask, but forgot. R n r nps: I have been operating for almost 1 year

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Until now there has been no research showing that there are contraindications to the use of underarm waxing that has been operated on. So that it can be ascertained that your underarm condition has improved from the previous operation scars, you can do the waxing method to remove your underarm hair.

Waxing is a way to get rid of underarm hair, using wax. The hair growth is not as fast as other shaving methods, which is about 3 to 6 weeks from the first waxing. The use of waxing is recommended for someone who does not have sensitive skin. Because the waxing method has the potential to make the skin red, and the hair roots become infected. Cold compresses can be applied to the armpits after waxing, so as to avoid irritating the skin due to the waxing action. Or you can also avoid bathing in hot water, and use comfortable and cool clothes.

If you are worried about your condition (have underarm surgery 1 year ago), then you can use another method to remove / shorten your armpit hair, namely by shaving or plucking. Or use a hair removal cream or you can use a sophisticated method, namely by laser or IPL.

Removing armpit hair is your choice, but still prioritize a method / method of removing armpit hair that is suitable and comfortable for you. And consult directly with your trusted doctor if there are signs of irritation on your underarm skin after you do the underarm hair removal process.

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