Is It Safe To Work At A Computer While Pregnant?

Illustration of Is It Safe To Work At A Computer While Pregnant?
Illustration: Is It Safe To Work At A Computer While Pregnant?

I want to ask if during pregnancy working at the computer 12 hours can interfere with the development of the baby. give an explanation

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If what you are worrying about right now is radiation from a computer, then it is very likely that the influence of computer radiation on pregnancy is very small. Radiation generated from a laptop or computer is so small that it will not affect pregnancy or the fetus in your womb. However, it is not recommended to put the laptop on your stomach because the heat generated by the laptop can endanger pregnancy.

Although the possibility of radiation from a laptop or computer is very small, there are many other problems that may arise if you sit working at a laptop or computer 12 hours a day:

Pregnant women are still advised to do physical activity which is sufficient to maintain physical fitness. Physical activity is also very important to keep the weight from gaining too much during pregnancy. The following article can be read about excess weight gain during pregnancy and the risks.

Pregnant women are more prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Using lots of hands (for example, typing a lot) is one thing that can trigger carpal tunnel syndrome.
Pregnant women are more prone to experience pain in the back and waist. Too much sitting, especially if the sitting position is not ergonomic can aggravate this pain in the back and waist.
Physiologically pregnant women will retain or hold more fluids in their bodies. Therefore sitting for too long can cause the feet to become swollen.

The following are some things you can do:

We recommend that you take the time to exercise lightly at least 30 minutes a day
Make sure you rest to stretch your muscles in the middle of your work
Don't force yourself to work if you are tired or sleepy
Note the correct sitting position and typing position
Straighten and move your leg muscles occasionally to prevent swelling in the legs (this is especially late in your pregnancy)
You should not work for 12 hours per day every day. Your body (and brain) needs adequate rest especially when you are pregnant. Therefore it's good you don't work more than 8 hours a day.

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