Is It Trauma? Or Mental Disorder?

Illustration of Is It Trauma? Or Mental Disorder?
Illustration: Is It Trauma? Or Mental Disorder?

Hello, my doc is a 23-year-old woman, during my childhood I often get pressure from friends or family before I was not too burdened but when I was a teenager somehow why every time I felt wrong or failed in something I felt depressed and continued to get past bad events from the past to now. Hinga if anyone brings up / told the past it makes me depressed mind and sad mood changes quickly. Am I terauma or do I have piscology problems? Please answer the doc thanks

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Hello Vitro, thank you for asking at

Past trauma can be one of the stressors that can cause psychiatric disorders. This trauma is referred to as psychological trauma. Some psychiatric disorders that are based on psychosocial trauma include:

Anxiety Disorders

Panic attack

Mood disorders
Acute psychosis

Schizophrenia and so on

To solve your problem, of course, you must know the exact cause. Physical examination, mental status, and also other checks needed must be done. With that, the cause will definitely be known and the handling will be directed.

For now things you can do are:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Focus on the things that are important
Inhale to relax yourself
Divert your mind by doing important things
Focus on yourself and never blame yourself
Tell the person who is trusted to ease your burden
Keep praying and get closer to the Almighty

If your complaints continue to occur and even more burdensome such as disrupting your social life, affecting your work productivity, or making you not excited immediately consult a psychiatric specialist so that further examination and treatment can be carried out.

This article can provide you with additional information: PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA

So, hopefully useful. Keep spirit

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