Is It True That Ant Nests Can Overcome Bladder Cancer ??

Illustration of Is It True That Ant Nests Can Overcome Bladder Cancer ??
Illustration: Is It True That Ant Nests Can Overcome Bladder Cancer ??

Good morning, I want to ask, is it true that ant nests can be used to treat bladder cancer?

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Bladder cancer is a disease of the bladder caused by an overgrowth of cells. This cancer is malignant so that it can spread to surrounding tissues and other organs far from the bladder such as the brain, lungs, bones and others. This spread can be through the blood or lymph nodes.

The cause is multifactorial. The existence of genetic factors, exposure to radiation and chemicals (such as people who work in factories) are the causes that are often found in patients.

Bladder cancer treatment can be done with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Often the treatment is a combination of the 3 types of therapy. The choice of this therapy is based on the stage of the disease and the general condition of the patient.

Meanwhile, the treatment of ant nests is only limited to traditional medicine that needs further research. So that it cannot be applied to patients, because we do not know the side effects and effects of ant nests on cancer cells.

I suggest that you or your family who suffer from this disease should consult an oncologist. Quick and precise handling can improve the patient's condition, in addition to preventing the spread of cancer cells to other organs.

Consuming antioxidants that are high in fruits and vegetables can prevent this disease or prevent the worsening of the condition due to this cancer.

So, hopefully it's useful.

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