Is It True That Fish Oil Can Gain Weight?

Illustration of Is It True That Fish Oil Can Gain Weight?
Illustration: Is It True That Fish Oil Can Gain Weight?

Hello doc, I want to ask, I am really hard to gain weight, my BB is now 35kg high 152 aged 17 years, now I want to consume fish oil containing DHA 240 mg EPA 360 mg. Is it safe?

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Hello Firli,

Ideal body weight can support body health. When viewed from your body mass index 15.1 and classified as underweight. For this reason it is recommended that you increase weight. One way to increase body weight is to increase daily calorie intake by an additional calorie of 300-500 kcal / day.

Fish oil itself can indeed add calories, but if only fish oil is likely less meaningful. Even so, you can still use enough fish oil.

Some tips that you can do to increase body weight are:

Regular exercise, weight training can be done so that the body shape is more beautiful
Increase calorie intake, for example by adding milk, yogurt, olive oil, cheese to food
Choose healthy and nutritious food
Consumption of foods with smaller portions but more often, for example 5-6x / day
Eat healthy snacks and smoothies
Avoid drinking before or when eating because it makes you full faster
Manage stress well
Get enough rest

If you are still having trouble gaining weight, think about whether there are other complaints or not. Difficult to gain weight can be influenced by medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, thyroid disorders, digestive disorders, eating disorders, malignancies, or undergoing chemotherapy. If there is a medical condition that underlies the difficulty of gaining weight, the doctor will treat the disease first.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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