Is It True That Menstruation Pain Relievers Influence On The Uterus?

Illustration of Is It True That Menstruation Pain Relievers Influence On The Uterus?
Illustration: Is It True That Menstruation Pain Relievers Influence On The Uterus?

Afternoon .. I am 22 years old .. Back when I was a teenager I often ate food carelessly and did not make it. When menstruating I often took menstrual medicine because sometimes it hurts so much during menstruation … And now after I got married I haven’t been blessed with a baby even though it has been reduced to the assumption that food is not good … Many people say that pain relievers make the uterus weak or the uterus dry … Is that true? Is that possible also the cause until now I have not been pregnant … Then to anticipate what to do next? Thank you in advance ..

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Hello Siti,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what menstrual reliever exactly are you taking? Is the medicine prescribed directly by a doctor?

There are several causes that can result in a couple having difficulty having a baby, including:

Obstacles in sexual relations, for example due to the frequency of irregular sexual relations, lack of knowledge related to the proper way of sexual relations
Fertility disorders in the woman, for example due to blocked fallopian tubes, premature ovarian failure, hormonal disorders, unhealthy lifestyle
Fertility disorders in the man, for example due to varicoceles, hernias, inflammation of the sperm ducts, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders, unhealthy lifestyles, and so on

Consumption of several types of drugs can indeed cause fertility problems that are temporary or permanent. The fertility disorder in question is not always a disorder in the uterus (such as the uterus is weak or dry as you expressed). It could also, the drug causes fertility disorders due to its effect in disrupting hormonal balance, or other effects.

Better, you don't always assume anything. First check yourself and your husband to a gynecologist to have a comprehensive examination related to your difficulties in having a baby. Your doctor will probably recommend that you both undergo a series of examinations, including laboratory tests, hormonal examinations, sperm analysis, ultrasound, x-rays, and so on according to your suspicion. Furthermore, what handling should be done depends very much on the underlying cause of your complaint.

In the meantime, in order to increase the potential for pregnancy, you and your partner can first apply the following steps:

Always monitor your menstrual schedule, predict when your fertile period
More regular sex (1 to 3 days), especially in the fertile period
Live a healthy diet, increase your intake of foods rich in folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other sources of nutrition in a balanced way
Limit the habit of consuming instant food
Drink plenty of water
Avoid overweight
Regular exercise
Don't think too much
Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and drugs
Do not carelessly consume supplements or fertilizers without doctor's advice

Hope this helps ...

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