Is It True That Raising Many Cats Can Prevent Pregnancy?

In the afternoon .. I have been married for 6 months and I keep 4 cats … is it true that the cat is preventing me from getting pregnant? Or because my periods are irregular …?

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Hello Erna, thanks for the question.

Actually the statement that raising a cat can make pregnancy difficult, can be true or not. As long as you are sure that your pet cat is always clean, has no or rarely contact stray cats, eats clean food, is routinely done grooming, and has been routinely vaccinated, then maintaining the cat is no problem. You can continue the pregnancy program even if you have a cat, provided the above conditions are met.

However, close contact with stray cats or cats that are not guaranteed cleanliness, indeed increases a person's risk of being infected with toxoplasmosis. You should also know, that a person's chance to get pregnant, depends on many things. Among others are:

Menstrual order.
The presence or absence of ovulation that occurs every month.
Ovum cell quality.
Sperm cell quality.
The presence or absence of reproductive organ disorders. For example uterine myomas, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.
Take certain medications.
Habits or exposure to cigarettes.
Alcohol consumption.
Psychic stress.
Chronic disease.

And there are many other reasons that might influence. If you are in doubt, you can consult an obstetrician and request a TORCH examination. The examination can detect the presence of toxoplasmosis infection and infection with several other viruses that are dangerous for pregnancy.

That is my explanation. Hope it can be useful. Regards.

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