Is It True That Taking Birth Control Pills On The 22nd Day After The Last Menstruation Can Delay Menstruation?

Hello … I menstruated on February 3 yesterday … and until now February 24 … I have been on the 22nd day since my period … I took the pill on that day … that is the 22nd day … with the aim that I am not menstruating for the next month because right now I am sick, broken bones and unable to move my legs … so I take the pill so I do not menstruate next month … Is my way right ?? I am a 19-year-old daughter

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Hello Nur,

The mainstay birth control pill contains levonorgestrel and ethynilestradiol which function to delay pregnancy. To delay menstruation, the doctor can give several drugs such as birth control pills (which are taken only those containing hormones, placebo pills are not taken), continuous-dose birth control pills (84 active pills and 7 empty pills). and norethsterone which contains the artificial progesterone hormone.

If you want to postpone menstruation with a certain principle, I suggest that you consult first with your obstetrician directly so that you can be given the option of delaying menstrual drugs that are more appropriate for you.

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