Is It True That Toothpaste Can Treat Acne?

Illustration of Is It True That Toothpaste Can Treat Acne?
Illustration: Is It True That Toothpaste Can Treat Acne?

Good evening Doctor, I want to ask, is it true that toothpaste can cure acne? if possible, can all toothpaste brands or only certain brands.

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Hello Hikmah Resti Ulfiana, thank you for asking with

Acne is a skin disease that generally occurs in all people, especially in adolescents. Acne occurs when the hair growth site is blocked by oil and dead skin cells that are characterized by complaints such as red spots or blackheads on the face, neck, back, or chest area.

It is better to consult with a dermatologist because a physical examination is needed, to see firsthand the condition of your disease in order to determine the degree of acne and the best treatment for you.

Toothpaste or toothpaste is formulated for our dental health and is not suitable for more sensitive human face conditions. Giving toothpaste on the face or acne can actually cause irritation, redness, burning sensation, until the skin becomes very dry.

Here are some tips that are useful for you:

Consumption of balanced nutritious food, drink plenty of water, reduce fatty foods, cigarettes, or alcohol Get enough rest and sleep every day Routine washing your face with mild cleansing soap and warm water Avoid excessive use of cosmetics Avoid eliminating, squeezing, or solving your blackheads or pimples because it can cause infection and scars In some people it can be recommended to use sunscreen because sunlight can worsen acne. Maintain personal hygiene, take a shower after undergoing heavy activities so that the skin is free from oil and sweat. For more information, you can read this interesting article: How to get rid of zits naturally and How to get rid of zits

Hopefully this information is useful for you. Thanks.

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