Is It True That Weight Gain Herbs Can Interfere With Fertility?

Illustration of Is It True That Weight Gain Herbs Can Interfere With Fertility?
Illustration: Is It True That Weight Gain Herbs Can Interfere With Fertility?

is it true if for young girls who drink jamu fat or body mass can make the uterus dry or difficult to get pregnant later

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It needs to be clarified beforehand, what kind of fat herbal medicine or body shaper do you mean? What are these herbs made of? Is it added with certain drugs?

There are many ingredients that are often used for fattening. Each of course has a different content, so the side effects can be different. Without knowing the composition of the herbal medicine you are referring to, it is certainly difficult for us to identify whether consumption of this herbal medicine has the potential to cause a negative impact on fertility, or not.

One of the components that are often added to herbal medicine or fattening drugs is steroids. This steroid is actually useful as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). However, steroids can also have side effects, including one that causes increased muscle mass and fluid retention. This side effect is often used in herbal medicine or body fat drugs.

The consumption of steroids when done properly, under the right medical indications, and of course under the supervision of a doctor, actually rarely causes dangerous effects. However, if consumed in excess, it can interfere with the production of hormones that regulate ovulation (rupture of a mature egg from the ovary) and menstruation. Indirectly, this of course can also have an impact on reduced fertility. In men, excessive steroid consumption is also known to make the testicles shrink so that sperm production can be disrupted.

Apart from steroids, there are various other causes that can interfere with female fertility making it difficult to get pregnant, including:

Physical factors, such as old age, being too fat or too thin
Lifestyle, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, stress
Anatomical disorders, eg uterine septate, postoperative scarring
Fallopian tube disorders, eg due to pelvic inflammation, history of ectopic pregnancy
Cervical mucus disorders, for example due to hormonal imbalances, a side effect of birth control
Thyroid gland disorders
Side effects of other drugs, such as anti-psychotics, diuretics, chemotherapy, marijuana, cocaine, and so on
Idiopathic (unknown cause)

To avoid potential fertility problems, it is advisable not to take weight-bearing drugs without consulting your doctor first. If you really want a healthy fat body, you should improve your diet, avoid excessive stress, sleep more regularly, and balance it with exercise. 1 to 2 days.

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