Is It Vulnerable If You Get Pregnant Young And Work In 2 Shifts?

Illustration of Is It Vulnerable If You Get Pregnant Young And Work In 2 Shifts?
Illustration: Is It Vulnerable If You Get Pregnant Young And Work In 2 Shifts?

Hi, I want to tell you that my womb is only one month and I take work with me for 2 hours sometimes in the morning sometimes at night. is pregnant vulnerable to work or not? if you want to use a booster so that the fetus is okay, why? in dw trmksh

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A person in a condition of pregnancy needs special attention and care during fetal development, especially in early pregnancy where the development of fertilization occurs, and the development of organs in the fetus. In early pregnancy there can be many changes due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, there are several things that need to be considered and done during early pregnancy, including:

Be aware of hormonal, physical, and mental changes in early pregnancy. In the early trimester of pregnancy will arise morning sickness. To prevent constipation during young pregnancy, limit fried foods, spicy foods, and soda drinks. Eat foods rich in fiber and do light bodily activities. Avoid holding back urination, because it can trigger urinary tract infections.
Avoid consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and treatment that is not needed because it can have an effect on fetal development. Also note that the multivitamin needed during pregnancy is consumed after consulting a gynecologist.
Experience and control the conditions of emotional change. Creating conditions that are free from stress and anxiety to the development of the baby need to be maintained so that the mother feels calm and can get through the pregnancy well, emotional changes that occur can be influenced by hormonal changes during pregnancy, can cause rapid mood changes. So it is advisable to create a good atmosphere with a partner.
Be aware of danger signs in pregnancy such as the following symptoms: excessive nausea and vomiting, accompanied by fever, bloody vomiting, irregular heartbeat, or weight loss, dehydration / lack of fluids and excessive dizziness.

The method of "fetal reinforcement" needs to be done further research, there are several hypotheses that there is a relationship of progesterone in early pregnancy that can reduce the risk of miscarriage so that it plays a role in strengthening the condition of the fetus, but for progesterone therapy must first be consulted by a gynecologist, the examination and management are carried out. according to your condition and your fetus. Not recommended to take such treatment without consulting a doctor. For information on progesterone therapy can access this link. For information about maintaining the womb in early pregnancy can access this link.

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