Is Lipoma Dangerous If Enlarged?

Illustration of Is Lipoma Dangerous If Enlarged?
Illustration: Is Lipoma Dangerous If Enlarged?

Greetings doctor. I want to ask, I have a lipoma on the right armpit that is already empty and does not interfere. And once I checked with an anatomical pathology specialist if the name was wrong, it was on the advice of a referral from a general practitioner (5th ago). And when I was tested (at that time the first pregnancy position) I gave the result to the general practitioner when I finished the cesarean section. They say the medicine is exactly the same between post-cesarean and harmless. And now I have given birth to a second child. I have noticed, my lipoma is getting bigger and slightly disrupting the movement of the hand, there is a little bit of it. My BB gained 17kg during pregnancy. According to the doctor, what should I do? Is it dangerous if the lipoma enlarges? What effect does it have on breast milk ?? I am exclusively breastfed. thank you

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Hello, Phiephie Rf. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Lipomas are benign soft tissue tumors originating from fat tissue and surrounded by thin fibrous capsules. Symptoms include lumps, painless, can be moved to the bottom, no skin changes on it, and are dense soft. The size is usually small, typically having a diameter of less than 5 cm, although it may be larger in some cases. Lipomas can occur at any age, but are most often found in the age range of 40-60 years.

In general, lipomas do not require any action. Surgical measures such as excision / extirpation surgery can be considered if the lipoma enlarges quickly with pain and interferes with function or movement, is larger than 5 cm, or for cosmetic reasons. There is usually no pain in the lipoma, but pain can be felt if the lipoma grows fast and is nerve-racking or if it contains many blood vessels. If the lump is also found deeper into the muscular layer, it should be suspected that the lump is a malignancy.

If the lump you are experiencing is a true lipoma, it generally has no impact on the production of breast milk because the tumor is benign and does not invade other tissues. However, a physical examination is needed directly by the doctor and a supporting examination (if necessary, for example: a biopsy) to ensure that the lump is not a malignancy. We recommend that you consult directly with your doctor or surgeon so that evaluation and treatment can be needed as needed. At home, it is recommended that you eat a balanced nutritious diet and drink plenty of water.

To broaden your horizons, you can read articles about lipomas. Such is our explanation. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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