Is Menstruation More Than 7 Days Normal?

Illustration of Is Menstruation More Than 7 Days Normal?
Illustration: Is Menstruation More Than 7 Days Normal?

I want to ask, I have 9 days now. Not too much blood but always bleeding out. Is that normal? Thank you

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Menstruation is a cycle that occurs associated with hormonal changes in a woman's body. The most common menstrual cycle for women is around 28-35 days which is calculated from the first day of menstruation in that month, in general, next month will menstruate around the same date or sometimes go forward or back around 7 days and generally last around 5-8 days in 1 cycle. However, in conditions that affect a woman's hormonal balance, menstrual cycles can occur that extend so that menstruation becomes longer or irregular. Some things that are the cause are.

Significant increase or decrease in body weight will cause changes in female hormones. This is related to female hormones are derived from the chemical composition of fat
Stress will affect the work of the brain to produce hormones so that there will be changes in hormonal balance
Smoking has substances that will affect the female hormone cycle.
The use of contraceptives will affect a woman's hormonal balance.

If menstruation remains prolonged> 8 days in one cycle within a span of 3 months or more accompanied by other complaints such as pain during heavy menstruation / heavy menstruation / menstrual periods that are too long or too short it is possible to have abnormalities in the female organs or hormonal balance or disease in outside the female organs, some of which might be

Benign muscle tumors of the uterus, usually will appear lumps in the lower abdomen.
Blood clotting disorders
Poliksitik ovary syndrome where what happens is that the function of the ovaries is disrupted so that hormones are disrupted, usually accompanied by excess acne, weight gain is greatly increased, loss of head hair but facial hair on the chest and abdomen is excessive
Endometriosis (uterine tissue outside the organs) will usually appear symptoms of irregular menstruation which will be accompanied by extreme pain when menstruation occurs.

Things that can be considered and done at home are to maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition, avoid foods that are too high in cholesterol, avoid cigarettes / alkhol, exercise regularly, and avoid stress. If menstrual complaints are still continuing for the next 3 months accompanied by other symptoms that interfere with you should consult an obstetrician.

If there are any of the following symptoms

Menstrual bleeding is so much that it becomes limp or difficult to communicate
Abdominal pain that is very severe and unbearable

Then you should immediately go to the hospital emergency room so that it can be examined quickly for immediate treatment.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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