Is Nausea Accompanied By Fever And Dry Cough Including Symptoms Of Covid-19?

Hello doctor I want to ask, I have had a dry cough for almost a week and my left chest is rather painful. And from yesterday I had a slight fever and a bit of nausea … Is this a symptom of a normal or covid fever ?? thank you

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Hello Ann, thank you for your question.

COVID-19 or better known as corona is a respiratory system disease caused by Corona virus. The symptoms caused are not much different from other respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath, coughing, to fever. So only in the presence of clinical symptoms as you complain can not be a reference to establish the diagnosis of this disease.

More in-depth medical interviews (involving a history of traveling to an area where an illness has occurred or a history of direct contact with a patient diagnosed with COVID-19), a complete physical examination, and additional examinations (blood, radiology, to serology) are needed to establish a definitive diagnosis. Therefore it is highly recommended to see the nearest doctor if your symptoms do not improve within 3 days.

For now, some important things you can do are:

 Highly nutritious and balanced diet Drink lots of water Get plenty of rest Use a mask when traveling Apply good and proper cough ethics Get used to washing your hands clean especially before touching your face Regular exercise If you need to consume supplements and vitamins Take fever-lowering drugs like paracetamol if you feel a fever you can enrich information about COVID-19 by reading here.

I hope that will help me.

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