Is Often Fantasizing And Talking To Yourself Is A Mental Disorder?

Illustration of Is Often Fantasizing And Talking To Yourself Is A Mental Disorder?
Illustration: Is Often Fantasizing And Talking To Yourself Is A Mental Disorder?

Good night, I’m 17 years old. I often speak alone in front of the glass, not only in front of the glass but when bathing, when sweeping, but more dominantly speaking in the glass. Everything just happens, I myself also do not realize if I’m talking to myself. I really like to look in the mirror from my elementary school, even when I entered high school until now I always carry my glass everywhere. Usually when I’m having a bad thing or for example being broken hearted I will immediately rush to take the glass and talk to myself and fantasize as if what happened is the opposite of reality. That the person who hurt me will regret, and will realize that I am irreplaceable. When I see beautiful artists, I will reflexively reflect and imagine that I will be the same as them and not lose to them. All my fantasies are always related to me, I always consider myself the best. Not just a matter of good things, I also often when crying suddenly reflexes want to look in the mirror or I suddenly get even more excited when I look in the mirror. Am I not able to accept the reality that happened so that I fantasize in front of the glass as if what was happening is a good thing? I have many friends, and they like my personality, I always make my friends laugh by entertaining them. Behind that, but my family has many shortcomings, what I experienced was a mental disorder? Because my mother really likes to hallucinate as if someone would talk to her. Is it because of my mother’s genes? Then what should I do to reduce it? Because I’m afraid it will affect my life and my mental health. Thank you

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Hi Rani,

Thank you for asking at

Imagining and talking to yourself is natural to everyone. Sometimes someone speaks for themselves as a form of solving the problem at hand or someone speaks for themselves when trying to memorize or learn something. But either fantasizing or talking to yourself can be said to be unnatural if you hear something talking to you, give orders or ask you to do something, then you respond so that there is a conversation with something that is not tangible. In medical terms this is known as hallucinations.

Because the cause of a psychiatric problem is a combination of various factors, genetics can be included. If the condition is felt to be disturbing and disturbing and even affects your social life and productivity you should immediately consult a psychiatrist / psychiatric specialist so that a thorough examination is carried out so that the form and cause of the habit that occurs to you can be known with certainty. That way the form of handling in the future will be more directed.

Right now what you can do is:

- consumption of nutritious foods and drink enough

enough rest

- exercise regularly

- manage stress well

- do things that you enjoy

- relaxation can help you become more relaxed

So, hopefully useful.

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