Is Paralyzed Leg Completely Healed?

Illustration of Is Paralyzed Leg Completely Healed?
Illustration: Is Paralyzed Leg Completely Healed?

Greetings, good evening doctor. I want to ask something, my mother is paralyzed in her legs … But I can still move a little, but I can’t stand and walk. While in her hands, my mother can move. Can hold bottled water and drink alone. Is my mother still able to recover? 60+ and above

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Hello Latif,

Thank you for asking

Paralyzed legs as your mother may have been included in paraparesis. This condition can occur due to various factors, for example:

Stroke (rupture or blockage of blood vessels in the brain)

Head, neck or spinal injuries
Benign or malignant tumors in the brain
Infection, for example tuberculosis spondylitis, polio
Disorders of the spinal cord, for example due to infections or tumors that clamp the nerves
Neurological disorders, for example due to multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, spina bifida, and so on

It requires a thorough neurological examination and several supporting tests, for example laboratory, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc. to be able to ascertain the cause of the complaints that your mother is experiencing. Therefore, if this examination has not been carried out, then the cause of the complaint cannot be known, as well as the potential for recovery.

Better, you consult your mother directly to a doctor or neurologist so that her condition can be handled properly according to the cause, yes. Depending on the cause, your mother's condition can later be treated with medication, physiotherapy, surgery, and so on.

For now, try to help your mother in her daily activities. Avoid your mother from doing dangerous activities alone. Prevent your mother's feet from remaining too long so that they do not experience stiffness and contraction of muscles, the way to do passive movements on his feet in accordance with the range of motion (ROM, range of motion). Finally, give your mother a variety of nutritious foods rich in antioxidants, limit consumption of foods high in salt and bad fats, help your mother exercise as much as possible, and do not carelessly give your mother medicine without a prescription directly from the doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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