Is Partial Paralysis Can Be Cured?

Illustration of Is Partial Paralysis Can Be Cured?
Illustration: Is Partial Paralysis Can Be Cured?

Hello. Excuse me, I want to ask, I have a 58-year-old father. And he had a stroke. As a result of high cholesterol. He has actually had a mild stroke several times. Then the worst was this month, then my mother took my father to a neurologist. Who initially could still walk up there, could not be moved especially the left body. Honestly, my family was surprised to be surprised because the symptoms were mild at first, but after getting to the neurologist it got worse. Yes, sorry, we are just suspicious if maybe the neurologist was wrong to give the method. Because he said my mother, the expert, there was no neurological check at the beginning that determined what kind of stroke the patient had, he immediately gave a needle through the electric current in the right brain. Well, what might be the cause of my father’s left paralysis due to that? I ask that the doctor can respond to my consultation, because I do not want to be prejudiced against others and accuse malpractice. And anyway if it’s really the fault of the neurologist we can’t sue him. Because my family is only a small people.

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Hello, thank you for the question

A stroke is brain damage caused by a blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain.
Symptoms and clinical signs of the two types of stroke are different, and generally doctors can find out the type of stroke of one patient enough based on history, symptoms and physical examination. Investigations in this case imaging such as CT scans are used to help doctors know the extent of damage to brain tissue due to an acute stroke.

Related to the statement of needling through electric shock in the right brain, maybe what is meant is an electroencephalogram (EEG) action. EEG is an examination to record electrical activity in the brain. This examination is classified as a diagnostic tool (helping doctors diagnose) and not as a therapy so it does not seem to have contributed to the cause of complaints when it is gaining weight.

This examination is safe, easy to do, does not require large costs, and is non-invasive (no needles, no electric shock) but can provide a picture of changes in brain activity patterns after a stroke. This examination is commonly done in patients with a history of recurrent seizures, but can also be done in post stroke patients to assess changes in electrical activity patterns and maximum motor strength outcomes that can be achieved by patients after a stroke, so that interventions can be designed according to the future.

The cause of worsening stroke symptoms is one of the major contributors to the risk factors caused by uncontrolled treatment. In this example blood pressure is not controlled, blood sugar is not controlled in the history of diabetes, or uncontrolled high cholesterol levels. Acute artery blockage in stroke is unpredictable and can occur at any time especially if the cause is not resolved optimally.

If there is something that you and your family do not understand during therapy efforts for your father, it never hurts to ask for an explanation directly with the treating doctor, because the patient's family has the right to receive clear information about what happened to the patient and what plans to do in the future .

That's all, hopefully you can help

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