Is Pineapple Dangerous For Young Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Is Pineapple Dangerous For Young Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Is Pineapple Dangerous For Young Pregnant Women?

Hello … this morning I had a pregnancy test and the results were positive and then soon I wanted pineapple … then I ate pineapple … and as a result my stomach was hot … why is that? Am I going to miscarry?

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Eating pineapple that will cause miscarriage is basically a myth, because until now there is no scientific data and research that states that a miscarriage can be caused by consumption and substances in pineapple.

It is true that in pineapple, there is a component that can trigger bleeding during pregnancy, but the amount of this component in pineapple is so small that it will not be dangerous if consumed during pregnancy.

Although it is not dangerous, it should be noted how many servings of pineapple are consumed, because the consumption of this fruit in sufficient portions can cause discomfort in the stomach due to increased stomach acid, one of which gives a sense of heat in the chest or stomach, so it is advisable to consume it in moderation.

If your complaint is not accompanied by severe heartburn and bleeding from the birth canal, it is generally not caused by a miscarriage, but can be caused by an increase in stomach acid due to pineapple consumption. However, if this complaint continues to continue, it is advisable to consult further doctors to do an evaluation of the causes and determine the treatment needed.

For now, you are allowed to consume pineapple, but in moderation. It is also recommended to eat fruits, vegetables and other types of food to help meet your nutrition during pregnancy. Perform pregnancy checks to the obstetrician as recommended or more frequently / quickly if a complaint is felt.

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