Is Propolis Dangerous And Contain Chemicals?

Illustration of Is Propolis Dangerous And Contain Chemicals?
Illustration: Is Propolis Dangerous And Contain Chemicals?

Careful consumption of imboost, propolis or oabt with elderberry echinacea content such as stimulation friends … generally health workers consume this … this contributes greatly to making excessive atibody responses or so-called cytokinin storms that manifest massive inflammatory reactions in the lungs when the immune system fights the virus. .. so that arising is not caused by the virus alone but exacerbated by excessive cytokine response

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Hello Indah, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

At present the world is being horrendous with an outbreak of Covid-19 infection. Even the WHO has defined this disease as a Pandemic category. Indonesia is one of many countries that have been infected with the virus. The spread of this virus is very fast because of its transmission through droplets / splashes of human saliva.

This infection will be more dangerous if experienced by patients with old age, seen from the average death rate of patients will increase with age as well. One of the things that cause death in Covid-19 infection is the presence of cytokine storms. This was confirmed by a specialist lung consultant for infection, Dr. Erlina Burhan, MSc Sp.P (K), that a cytokine storm might occur in Covid-19 patients in an interview with a compass.

Cytokines are one of the cells that function to provide signals that affect the behavior of surrounding cells, this often occurs when there is an infection either bacterial or viral. breathe.

Responding to the questions you give about the supplements above can cause cytokine storms, that is the wrong thing. Because without these supplements a cytokine storm is very likely to occur in Covid-19 patients. Precisely by taking supplements of your immunity will increase so as to prevent infection. This was also denied by the drug company that made some of the supplements above attached here.

Right now what you can do to prevent Covid-19 infection is:

 Just staying at home is better for now. Perform physical distancing, and self-isolating if symptoms occur. Wash hands before and after activities. Use a mask, especially if you experience complaints of cough. Get enough rest, and eat nutritious foods to increase immunity. You can take vitamin supplements to increase your immunity. Avoid excessive panic. Reduce hospital visits. Here are other articles related to your question.

That's all the answers I can give, thank you very much :)

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