Is Sexual Orientation Normal?

Illustration of Is Sexual Orientation Normal?
Illustration: Is Sexual Orientation Normal?

Good morning doctor. My doctor wants to ask what is meant by heterosexuals? Try to give an example of a doctor. And what is a normal sexual orientation?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Sexual orientation is a person's sexual views, what makes him sexually attracted. Sexual attraction may indeed be difficult to understand for children who are not yet puberty, but after experiencing puberty, most people already feel and understand sexual attraction even though they have never experienced a love relationship.

Regarding your question, there are various types of sexual orientation, including heterosexuals and homosexuals. Heterosexual is an attraction between two people with different sexes, such as men in women, father and mother. While homosexuality is an attraction between two people of the same sex, for example men with men, and women with women, also known as lesbians. For normal sexual orientation, scientifically psychiatric medicine, so far both heterosexuals and homosexuals are still said to be normal. But some experts, and in terms of culture and religion, there are still many who still cannot agree on this. Then back to normal whether or not you will depend on whether to take the standard of psychology, or custom, culture and religion. Everything returns to each other, no problem as long as it does not cause hatred between people.

What is clearly a sexual orientation disorder is called paraphilia. Among them is the fondness for animals (zoophilia), in corpses (necrofilia), in children (pedophilia), and many more. So, hopefully answering your question.

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