Is Shortness Of Breath Related To Heart Disease?

Illustration of Is Shortness Of Breath Related To Heart Disease?
Illustration: Is Shortness Of Breath Related To Heart Disease?

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Shortness of breath can be caused by a variety of reasons, whether related to heart problems or not. Some examples of conditions that might cause shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing are:

Injury or inflammation of the muscles, bones and joints of the chest cavity. This condition might be caused by your daily activities, for example when you drive, while working, or when you exercise. Generally, poor posture and repetitive movements carried out for years, has the potential to cause muscle pain and surrounding structures. As a result when breathing deeply, or when coughing and sneezing, people will feel pain so that the body reflexively restricts the movement of breathing. This is what often causes people to feel shortness of breath or rather difficult to take a breath.
Pulmonary disorders. Any process that interferes with the normal functioning of lung tissue or blocks the respiratory tract will potentially cause shortness and pain. For example pleurisy, pneumonia, or pulmonary tuberculosis.
Disorders of internal organs. Processes in the abdominal organs that are located close to the chest cavity, such as the stomach, liver, or pancreas, can often cause tightness and chest pain. For example, gastritis and GERD. This condition often causes pain or heat in the chest, accompanied by shortness of breath. Hepatitis or pancreatitis may also cause chest discomfort.
Disorders of the heart. Generally shortness of breath and chest pain due to heart and blood vessel disorders, occurs when a person is active, worsens with increasing intensity of physical activity, and improves when physical activity is stopped. Shortness and pain due to heart problems are rarely associated with chest wall movements. That is, pain and tightness will still be felt and does not change its quality, either when the person is moving, when breathing, or when the person is silent. Symptoms of tightness and chest pain caused by heart problems are generally severe, limiting physical activity, and progressive if left untreated.

Considering you have long experienced this, it helps you consult with your doctor. The doctor will do a physical examination and a series of supporting examinations. Your doctor may do an EKG, X-ray, echocardiography if necessary, lung function examination, and analysis of blood samples to assess organ function. Treatment is adjusted to the findings of the doctor's examination. Try to tell your complaint in detail and in chronological order, so that the doctor can easily lead to several possible diagnoses.

Thus my explanation, hopefully can add to your horizons. Regards.

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